Street Photography For The Purist by Chris Weeks

EBook - Street Photography For The Purist by Chris Weeks. This 160-page long photo album is out and is FREE to download.  It features works from 10 street photographers.
I think it was Mr. Cartier-Bresson who said, “A successful street photograph – or any photograph for that matter – is when eye, mind and heart come together.”
I may agree with him although I hardly ever do on many things.
For me street photography is not only going on my own – often solitary – photographic quests but looking at other’s work. By looking at this work I can tell much about a photographer. His or her worldview comes to mind the most. No matter your worldview I think the successful street photographer should leave his or her politics at home or on their blog. I don’t believe they should intersect one’s work documenting chaotic life on the street.
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