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I think this article can give us a great perspective on how to get a great photo without need to worry about a shaking blur picture. It is written by Mark Edward Harris. Click Digital Photo - Stop The Shakes | 

Some of the article "One of the most common issues a potentially strong photo can suffer from is blur caused by camera shake, yet it's something that can be eliminated easily by proper holding of the camera, use of a tripod, and understanding what shutter speed necessitates a switch from handholding to a tripod. Understanding what causes camera shake and what can be done to avoid it can help ensure that you capture the beauty of a place, and avoid returning home with disappointingly soft images.

Often the word "blur" is used to describe the areas of an image that are out of focus. Let's not use that word in this case. Instead, let's describe the areas that were not captured within the depth of field of the camera lens as they are: out of focus"



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